@ Nonstop

Following the AUBOT’s unexpected announcement (in June 2007) to close Antioch College, the faculty, staff, students and alumni rose in collaborative, collective resistance, leading to the birth of “Nonstop Antioch” (Nonstop Liberal Arts institute), an unprecedented experimental educational project.

Stripped of their offices, classrooms and library privileges, the faculty, students and staff moved to a redesigned former plastics factory on the edge of town, teaching (unaccredited) classes while struggling to negotiate a re-opening of the College.

The NLAI has morphed into the Nonstop Institute of Yellow Springs (NIYS), an educational and arts non-profit organization. I like the following description of the NIYS: “Nonstop seeks to facilitate, provide and produce educational events; to support and cultivate thoughtful and provocative academic, artistic and cultural works; and to speak as a voice of social conscience in contributions to professional deliberations and public discourse concerning higher education’s path forward.”

Note:  Antioch College has reopened.