Table of Contents

Czech Feminisms: Gender in East Central Europe

Introduction to Gender, Sexuality and Ethnicity Issues in the Czech Culture: Past and Present. Iveta Jusová

Part 1: Gender Issues in Czech Society Prior to 1989
Chapter 1. Situating Czech Identity: Postcolonial Theory and “the European Dividend.” Iveta Jusová
Chapter 2. The Importance of Being Nationalist. Jitka Malecková
Chapter 3. The Czech 1930s through Toyen. Karla Huebner
Chapter 4. Women as the Object and Subject of the Socialist Form of Women’s Emancipation. Alena Wagnerová
Chapter 5. Women’s Memory: Searching for Identity under Socialism. Pavla Frýdlová
Appendix to Chapter 5

Part 2: Gender Issues in Czech Society Post-1989
Chapter 6. Contested Feminism: The East/West Feminist Encounters in the 1990s. Simona Fojtová
Chapter 7. Czech Women’s NGOs: Women’s Voices and Claims in the Public Sphere. Hana Hašková and Zuzana Uhde
Chapter 8. Czech Anarchofeminism: Against Hierarchy and Privileges. Linda Sokacová
Chapter 9. Aspects of Sex and Gender in Romany Communities in the Czech Republic. Karolína Ryvolová
Chapter 10. The Lives of Vietnamese Women in the Czech Republic. Mária Strašáková
Chapter 11. Sex Work, Migration, and Law: La Strada and Human Trafficking in the Czech Republic. Simona Fojtová
Chapter 12. Idle Ally: LGBT Community in the Czech Republic. Katerina Nedbálková
Chapter 13. Condemned to Rule: Masculine Domination and Hegemonic Masculinities of Doctors in Czech Maternity Wards. Iva Šmídová
Chapter 14. Some Issues and Challenges Faced by Elderly and Retired Women in the Czech Republic. Jirina Šiklová
Chapter 15. The East Side Story of (Gendered) Art: Framing Gender in Czech and Slovak Contemporary Art. Zuzana Štefková
Chapter 16. Typological Differences Between Languages as an Argument Against Gender-Fair Language Use? Jana Valdrová
Table 16.1.